Teaching and fellowship

A/Prof Stalley offers a official AOA fellowship in orthopaedic oncology and joint replacements. This fellowship enables young orthopaedic surgeons to work within a dedicated orthopaedic oncology and joint replacement team to gain more experience in this interesting field of orthopedics. For more information please contact the rooms.

The fellow will be involved in the management of patients presenting to the musculoskeletal tumour service through all phases of investigation and treatment. This is a multi-disciplinary facility involving surgical oncology, orthopaedic surgery, cancer medicine, radiotherapy and anatomical pathology. Duties entail monitoring and supervision of individual patients’ progress through treatment of primary soft tissue and bone tumours, and metastatic bone disease.

This unit acts as a tertiary referral centre for a wide range of tumours, as well as a consultative service, accepting radiological and pathological material from all areas of New South Wales.

Apart from clinical studies there is now a large database backed by a pathology collection available for review studies in surgical pathology. Computer literacy would be an advantage to any appointee as there is a ready access to computer programs as well as help from the department’s data managers for research projects.

The appointee will be expected to participate in trauma management at senior registrar/resident level. This will involve on-call duties. Royal Prince Alfred Hospital is designated as a level three trauma centre and accepts a large number of multisystem trauma cases from country areas.

There will also be extensive exposure to joint replacement in a unit doing 700 joint replacements per year

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