Revision hip and knee replacements

A/Prof Stalley specialises in revision surgery for failed total hip or knee replacements. Primary total hip and knee replacements have shown to have an excellent survival, often lasting longer than 20 years. Inevitably though,  hip and knee replacements that have been implanted a long time ago will need a revision. Normal (or abnormal) wear and tear of the parts of the prosthesis can lead to slowly loosening of the implant. This can produce pain, clicking, locking, swelling and or deformities of the limb. Other reasons for a revision could be acute or chronic infection, mal-alignment, under or oversizing, fractures or a combination of these reasons.

A/Prof Stalley and his team are specialised in the diagnosis and management of failed knee and hip replacements. He uses market leading implants in the setting of revision hip and knee surgery. Because of his extensive experience with complex hip and knee revision and tumour surgery throughout the years, he receives multiple referrals from orthopaedic surgeons from all across Australia and overseas.

A/Prof Stalley has gained great experience with 3D printed titanium pelvic implants for hip revisions over the last years. Click here for more information.

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