Hip and knee replacements

Osteoarthritis of the knee or hip is a common disease which can cause significant pain, immobility and reduction in quality of life. If conservative measures like alternation of lifestyle, weight reduction, physiotherapy and analgesics are insufficient in reducing complaints, often the implantation of a total knee or hip replacement offers excellent results.

A/Prof Stalley is specialised in the implantation of total knee and hip replacements for various conditions like osteoarthritis, congenital or acquired abnormalities, post-traumatic conditions, tumour related indications e.t.c. He uses market leading knee and hip implants which have registry proven excellent survival and outstanding functional results.

A/Prof Stalley also specialises in revision surgery for failed total hip or knee replacements. Because of his extensive experience with complex hip and knee revision and tumour surgery throughout the years, he receives multiple referrals from orthopaedic surgeons from all across Australia.


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